Special Announcement

Effective March 15th, 2020

In light of the rapidly developing situation around COVID-19, we realize that there is a lot of fear and uncertainty as we navigate the constantly changing stream of news and updates. This has led us, with information and recommendations provided by Ontario’s Chief Medical Office of Health to consider a number of proactive measures. We want to be wise, caring, responsible, and compassionate during this uncertain time.

To our knowledge to date, there is no reported Covid-19 case in our church. The reason to alter our practices, especially the way we gather, is implemented out of love and care for our congregation and for the well being of our Community. These are responsible actions as leaders of the church and as Canadian citizens.

Weekend Worship Services:

Beginning from Saturday, March 16th, the church building will be closed to public. We will move our Worship services online until further notice. Effective from Sunday March 22nd, online services will go live stream from the following times:

  • English Service every Sunday at  9:30 a.m.
  • Chinese Service every Sunday at 11:30 a.m.


Other Events, Small Groups:

  • Prayer meeting will continue online. In fact, we are increasing our prayer meetings to once a week starting next week at 9:00 p.m.
  • Fellowships will continue online. Details will be provided to fellowship members.
  • Sunday Awana will be suspended until further notice. We encourage our families to worship online together with your children and youth.
  • After school care will be suspended until further notice.

During this challenging time, it is important for God’s people to gather in a small group to support and encourage one another. Exercise caution. Seek creative ways to meet (e.g. online platform). Learn to worship, pray for yourselves, the church, and the world. Continue with your Bible studies. Connect with your pastors and fellowship leaders.

While we are making these changes and taking precautionary measures, we are not shutting down our mission or compromising our purpose and vision. We are simply using different ways to express ourselves as the church.

新型冠狀病毒疫情瞬息萬變,每逢瀏覽新聞,都叫人憂心忡忡。 教會參照加拿大衛生局的資訊及建議,考慮多項措施,防範未然,以策萬全﹔在這變幻的時代,盼望作出有智慧、負責任、有愛心的決策。




  • 英語崇拜 - 週日早上九時三十分
  • 粵讈崇拜 - 週日早上十一時三十分



  • 祈禱會將以網上形式繼續舉行。從下週開始,祈禱會將增至每週一次:週二晚上九時正;
  • 團契聚會會以網上形式繼續舉行,詳細資料將於日內提供給各團友;
  • 基督青年軍服務將告暫停,直至另行通告,在此鼓勵家長與子女一同參與網上敬拜;
  • 課後托管服務將告暫停,直至另行通告。



Past worships